Sad to Leave but Going Home

4 Oct

Yup, time’s over, we’re headed for home waters – Isar here we come!

All I can say is the trip has been absolutely amaZZZing! We had so much fun, so little worries and absolutely no troubles at all! We saw incredible nature, met incredible people and surfed incredible waves! Thank you Centro for the good times! I’m grateful that my iree missus kicked me ass and took me on that trip! Thank you so much for that! I love you!

I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures. We did enjoy taking them 🙂

See y’all somewhere soon.
Adios centro!

iree&i say good bye


Pan Am City

4 Oct

We spent two days in the big bad city gettin used to civilisation again before going on the long flight home.

Last Stop – Hibiscus Garden Santa Catalina

20 Sep

Wow! Our last stop on the trip. Crazy! Well, first we didn’t know it was going to be our last stop. But after snapping my last surfboard at La Punta, we decided to stay here, where we could decimate the quiver of my mate Mick and chill in his hotel. A proper holiday at the end of the travels. Nice! So we ended up spending well over a month in Lagartero just outside Santa Catalina in his absolutely stunning place. If you’re ever searching for a place reprazentin’ tranquility, go there! I can’t describe the sheer beauty of this tropical oasis. You’ll have to see it for yourself, breathe it, feel it, surf it, enjoy it! We did. Surfing every day, going snorkling, wakeboarding, chilling hardcore, cruisin with the local Munich expat community in town, eating Schweinsbraten mit Knoedel und Blaukraut… the list goes on. And so did time. It went by so fast, it was hard to realise, that soon we would be back in Munich. No more surf. No more tropics. Unimagineable. Thanks Hedi, Mick and familee for the great hospitality, bearing with us for six weeks. You have one of the nicest places I’ve ever visited. Ya tha shizzle! Fo rizzle!

Two more Pics from Boquete (thx Aurore & Martin)

11 Sep

Boquete, Panama

7 Sep

Leaving the Costa Rican Coast we went into the highlands of Panama, to Boquete. The town is surrounded by 36 rivers and invaded by an army of US-immortals. Or rather living dead… They dig the region’s temperate climate, right in the tropics. And they all drive the biggest pick ups you can find around.

And us? We tracked the dense mountain jungle and found some of the most outstanding rock formations ever! And you can actually climb them. Fantastic! Grippy weird basalt formations nestled in a lush moutain river valley. We had a blast!