Surf’s up!

7 Apr

The whole time in El Sal has been blessed with perfect waves! 3weeks of non stop fun. Met some incredible nice folks and horrendous crowds to surf with. The best waves of the trip so far. And some of the best waves of my life! All point breaks, all rights, all good!

Actually, I have only surfed a left on the very first two days of the trip.- Since then it’s been all rights and it’s alright. Unfortunately, I killed my board pretty bad in Las Flores on our last day in El Sal. Had to dive deep after 3 longboards bailed their boards right in front of me and there was nowhere else to go than downwards. Of course the leash snapped and the board went into the rocks. Now the nose is gone, fins snapped and heaps of dings.. thanks tablon cabrones!

But thanks to the incredible people I’ve met, I had everything to repair old faithful! A new leash and ding repair kit thanks to Guy and new fins thanks to Knoedl. Now in Nicaragua with old mate Knoedl, got it fixed up alright, but it only has sentimental value left, snief. However, it’s ready for surfing tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes..


One Response to “Surf’s up!”

  1. jörgensen April 9, 2012 at 03:23 #

    oaa du arsch.

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