Costa Rica

22 May


Costa Rica..what do I say?¿?

– Well, you´re different from all we´ve seen so far in Centro.

First of all, everything is organised. Buses have a schedule, fixed prices and even bus stops! But no more chicken buses here, modern Mercs, that you can hardly hear, so quietly they come along the road. And there are less buses anyway, because most people do have cars.

Yeah, people here have a lot higher standard of living then the neighbours. They go to school, they wear nice branded clothes, play with modern bullshit gadgets, paint their houses, take care of their gardens and everybody throws their rubbish in the numerous litter bins everywhere! Teh first country, that doesn´t look like a big thrash pile.

What an advantage it brings for the land and people to have tourist dollars pouring in from all angles. But of course this also some brings disadvantages.

Costa Rica is a big jungle disneyland! Not a exotic experience, but totally americanised. Hotels everywhere, attractions, completely built over coastlines, and naturally is a lot lot more expensive!

We spent some time here, finding cheap pockets in between the tourist hotspots, getting some good waves and heavy beatings. But now it´s time to head on! Off to Panama today!

P.s. No pix this time, I´m afraid. Neither does the pc show me all my pix, nor does the frikkin app2go work, nor do I have normal working interweb, so I could upload anything without multiple cuts and restarts.. just imagine yourself some lush rainforest, good waves, loads of monkeys, iguanas, tucans and the likes.


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